Mission & Strategy

Contributing to society by raising educational standards guided by our four underlying business philosophies

Our Pillars of Success

Industry Shapers

Three decades of industry firsts. At Holmes Education Group we're proud to be pioneers of the international student sector. Never content to just follow the crowd, we're nimble, adaptable and highly responsive. We always place deep value on finding smarter ways to drive better outcomes for our students and partners.

Business Smarts

Acumen meets academia. As an independently-owned entrepreneurial group, we're not bound by traditional education thinking. We're a business of passionate education providers who bring an unashamed savvy to everything we do, applying industry-leading commercial smarts to drive sustainable academic excellence.

Staying Tight,
Doing Right

We're family, but not in the traditional sense. We're a dynamic group of like-minded and highly driven professionals. We work hard, move fast and have fun along the way. Success is important, but not at any cost. We believe the more we do what's right by our students and business partners, the more success will follow.

Diversity Breeds

Diverse sectors, diverse brands, diverse opportunities. By nature we're very ambitious. But we still take a considered approach to everything we do, managing risks and growth in equal measure. Our acquisition mindset means we're always ready to capitalise on new opportunities to broaden and diversify our education footprint.

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