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Language opens up a world of opportunity  for our students, but also for teachers. Teaching House specialises in helping those interested in building a career in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

Cambridge Assessment English approved the opening of Teaching House in 2007. With the aim to expand quality English language teacher training across the globe, Teaching House has opened over 15 centre locations and trained over 4,500 new teachers. Each year Teaching House helps hundreds of aspiring teachers achieve the skills and qualifications they need, through the prestigious University of Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA) - the most widely accepted and respected TESOL programme. Teaching House is now the largest provider of Cambridge CELTA courses in the world. They offer online and face to face options across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. We also offer a range of professional development courses and the DELTA teacher trainer course.

Teaching House aims to provide employment for all their students. Before even completing a TESOL certificate or TEFL certification course, Teaching House candidates gain access to a host of resources to assist with finding employment — including a one-to-one career tutorial with one of our TESOL certificate Job Advisors. Their expansive network means that Teaching House graduates (known as TH Nomads) can secure a job anywhere in the world, and the TESOL certificate Job Advisors will guide students through a Job Assistance Scheme and provide support to help secure employment.

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