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OHC English is one of the world's most popular and respected deliverers of accredited English Language courses and programme. OHC offers excellent value for money, combined with the highest standards of teaching, welfare and social activities.

Since opening their doors in 1974, OHC English has grown into an institution covering five countries over 3 continents. OHC English Centres are know one of the most expansive, accredited deliverers of English Language Courses and Programmes in the world. They offer exciting central city and beautiful town locations in England, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia which makes it easier for students to enjoy exploring and studying in their chosen location. All OHC English educators are professionals and qualified in delivering accredited English courses and programmes to a wide range of nationalities. Proudly independent, we bring an innovative, experience based approach to education that fosters deeper human connections across cultures, language and geography.

OHC English Programmes have a maximum class size of 16 and include regular teacher guidance, feedback and communication. There is also a dynamic and busy social programme that enables students to practise their English at every opportunity, and also make new long lasting friendships. Students can start most courses any Monday (excluding public holidays) studying from one week to a whole academic year. As well as this students can transfer between locations where available.

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