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‘Cum Propris Suis Alis Volat’ - Fly with your own wings

Building on our success in Australia, Holmes Institute Dublin was launched in September, 2022. Holmes Institute Dublin is a quality provider of modern business education, with a focus on both domestic and international students. Through the dedicated pursuit of best practice teaching and the provision of a dynamic, student-centred learning environment Holmes Institute Dublin fosters in its students rational thought, intellectual integrity and social responsibility.

Holmes Institute Dublin offer academic programmes which are designed to deliver the critical skill set graduates will need now and, in the decades ahead: communication, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, agility, resilience and critical thinking to help produce the innovators, policy makers, advocates, creators, communicators, reformers and leaders of the future in a dynamic and modern business environment. We are focused on preparing our learners for a rapidly changing, and increasingly technological world of work and are committed to their future leadership.

Enriched by way of an internationalised and industry informed curriculum and exposed to a contemporary and authentic learning experience.  Whilst at the institute our learners will also develop greater personal insight, an intercultural awareness and realise their wider social responsibilities including ethical and sustainable business practices.

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