Holmes Grammar School

"At Holmes Grammar School we believe we offer the best senior high school certificate of Education available in Australia. "

The senior years of our secondary school programme represent the critical end of compulsory school. Holmes Grammar school aims to lay the foundation and create meaningful pathways to further study beyond Year 12 as students seek entry into Diploma and Degree courses or alternatively into the wider world of employment.

We are proud to offer this foundation through Years 11 & 12 assisting students to make important choices on a pathway into this post-secondary education. Whatever the decision, graduating students in Year 12 can look forward to a Senior Secondary Government Certificate as they continue to forge their own personal journey. We provide a highly specialised program where the curriculum provides great opportunity through a tailored vocational study or traditional academic programme.

At Holmes Grammar School we understand the needs of our students. In an environment that is energetic, vibrant and supported by a caring and friendly staff, we look to engage all students in promoting a love of learning. With a curriculum underpinned by the study of the English Language students join a school that values community, placing the needs of all its students at the very heart of its mission.

Successful University Placements in 2021
of Students Obtained Above the National Median ATAR
Top 7%
State-Wide for English and Further Maths in 2021, with a Study Score of 40+
Over 35
Nationalities Enrolled at One Time

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