Aiming to protect the Australian community and safeguard its privacy

The Cyber Security Research and Innovation Centre (CSRIC) is an initiative of Holmes Institure to foster research efforts in this area and help mitigate the security and privacy impact of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Cybersecurity is a strategic priority for Australia's national securtiy and the country's critical infrastructure. CSRIC allows Masters students at Holmes Institute Australia to conduct their research assignments with the supervision of research fellows and grants them the opportunity to become research assistants. The initiative has a commercial focus on developing new cybersecurity products in the IoT using highly qualified reserch fellows, assisted by Masters level students.The goal of CSRIC is to fill the theoretical gap between the strategic and managerial aspects of IoT security and privacy. Working to protect Australian businesses so Australia can carry on its reputation as a privacy-respecting and safe place to do business in the era of smart things is of upmost importance.

CSRIC proudly undertakes research with a number of industry partners including the following: Oceania Cyber Security Centre, Melbourne Univesity, Monash University and the National Narrowband Network. CSRIC welcomes collaborative research opportunities from industry bodies, government and other research institutions within the area of IoT security and privacy.

Ongoing Collaborations
with the University of Melbourne and Deakin University
$5 million
Initial Grant provided by Holmes Institute
Current Research Projects
Lightweight Cypher
With Patent Pending for Industry Use

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