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Holmes Education Group (HEG) is an internationally recognised privately-owned multi-sector provider of education. HEG has had the same corporate directors since it commenced operations in 1986. HEG operates primarily in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Hong Kong, but also maintains permanent staff and offices in over a dozen other counties, including; Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Sweden and the UAE. Each year HEG welcomes over 15,000 students from around the world to its twenty unique campuses.


HEG has a multifaceted service offering. HEG’s largest arm, Holmes Institute (‘HI’), was the first privately-owned educational institution in Australia to be granted degree-awarding status in its own right. HI delivers six undergraduate programmes and three postgraduate programmes to around 10,000 students each year across four campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. More recently, HEG has prioritised research through its Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Centre (CSRIC) and has undertaken research collaboration with the University of Melbourne, and successfully secured one patent related to light-cryptography in IoT devices. HEG’s breadth and diversity makes it a particularly nimble organisation. It is able to adapt quickly to new global trends and areas of growth.


In addition to its own offering, HEG has been driving partnerships in global education for decades. In 1993, HEG became the first foreign provider to partner with a Chinese public tertiary institution. Since 1997, HEG has been running uninterrupted Chinese Ministry of Education-approved joint ventures at Qingdao University (since 1997), Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College (since 2007), and Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy (since 2020). In 2019, HEG became a cornerstone investor and significant shareholder in Guangzhou’s Huali University Group, Southern China’s largest private higher education group with over 40,000 enrolled students.


In 2018, HEG entered the UK ‘University Pathways’ sector. HEG currently maintains Embedded Colleges at five universities in the United Kingdom. To date, the number of successful enrolments at these Embedded Colleges is over 2000 students.


As the custodian of its own global brand, as well as now for prominent universities in the UK, HEG uniquely understands the importance of engaging quality student applicants in international markets. For both the courses which it delivers and also for the partners whose programmes it promotes, HEG is a world leader in international student recruitment and teaching.


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